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Dear Mohamed,

This note is to thank you for your wonderful introduction to Morocco. My family and I are delighted we had you as our guide during our short, but wonderful, visit to Marrakesh last week.  You are a very effective, gracious teacher and in you, we feel that we have a good friend in Marrakesh.  

My son-in-law Jerry Ingersoll, my daughter Amelia, my three grandchildren,  and I all wish you good health.  We would be very happy to hear from you!  

You will remember that we never shared that coffee or tea with you that we were going to have on Wednesday afternoon, July 22.   My wish,  and that of my family, is that we can meet again in the not to distant future and share that cup of coffee or tea! 

With very cordial greetings,  
Concepción M. Valadez



The Post Office in the big square Jamaa El Fna Marrakech ,Marrakech 40000 Morocco

" I will be happy to meet you in your hotel or if you are close to the big Square i can meet you at Café France if you like.My great respect and best wishes ".Mohamed Azim